Developing an efficient and sustainable biomass supply chain in 5 European Nature Parks

Manual available: “Steps in setting up wood biomass production chains in protected areas”

October 2, 2015

BioEUParks is proud to announce a comprehensive manual about how to establish a wood biomass production chain, which intends to help parks administration on their decision-making process. Based on the experience of parks involved in the project, It introduces different options for the supply chain and identifies data and information needed before taking the final decision.
To consider the parks as main actors in a biomass supply chain means to invest in a process based on the respect for nature, and the preservation of the ecosystem and biodiversity as starting points. At the same time, this choice implies a new way of looking at the role of parks; not only as a body in charge of managing natural and protected areas, but also a key actor with the ability to trigger a new way of local development matching nature conservation, and social and economic growth.
The aim of the BIOEUPARKS project (Exploiting the potentialities of solid biomasses in EU Parks, IEE/12/994/SI2.645924) is to develop and propose a new approach to the promotion of new and renewable energies and their integration into the local environment and energy systems, as well as supporting the preparation of legislative measures. More specifically, this project aims to contribute to the increase of local biomass supply from sustainably managed forests and from agricultural residues, and promote its most efficient use in heating and CHP installations.
Wood biomass is still an important fuel in many European countries. To support further development and the use of wood fuels also inside of national/regional or natural parks, step-by-step guidelines for the development of biomass production chains were developed and introduced in this manual. 

Download the guide HERE.

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Friday, October 2, 2015 - 16:30